Dating Kosta Glass

Art glass pieces by Kosta are usually signed. However, most production glass is not signed, even if the design comes from a renown designer or artist. There was no uniform way of signing different pieces or series. This difference with Orrefors in the way items are signed and dated can be explained by the different approaches and types of partnerships that the two glassworks had with their artists. Whereas Orrefors usually had a long relationship with their artists and designers, Kosta frequently invited artists to work with them only for a short time. Notable exception is Elis Berg, who worked for Kosta from 1929 to 1950. When Lindstrand started to work with Kosta, he implemented a more or less uniform way of signing and dating all pieces of work, much like it was the practice at Orrefors. The information about signatures and date codes for Kosta Boda glass is sketchy to say the least, since even the company archives only have scant information on this subject. This obviously makes decoding Kosta Boda glass even more trickier. This page tries to give an overview of all date codes, series codes and signatures that should allow dating most of Kosta Boda's glass.

The most famous designers and their signatures are:

Edvin Ollers

Worked at Kosta from 1917-1918 and 1931-1932. He usually signed “O” or in rarer cases “Ollers”.

Karl Hultström

Worked at Kosta from 1919 until 1924. He usually signed with his full name and the year of production.

Sten Branzell

Worked at Kosta from 1922-1923, 1929-1930 and in 1950. Most of his work is unsigned, however he did sign some pieces with “S.B.” the year of production and “Kosta”.

Sven Erixson (x-et)

Worked at Kosta in 1923 and from 1929-1931. Most of his pieces are signed with his name, the year of production and sometimes the name of the engraver.

Ewald Dahlskog

Virtually all the cut and engraved glass that was produced according to Dahlskog’s design were signed with his name “E. Dahlskog” and “Kosta”.

Elis Berg

Worked at Kosta from 1929 until 1950. His early pieces were just signed with the letter “B” and the model number. In later years, “Kosta” is often added as well as the year of production to more important pieces. The “B” is often written in such a way that the left side of the letter looks like an inverted “E”. In the 1950s, Kosta decided to reproduce some of Berg’s earlier designs. These pieces are clearly marked with “BH” and the model number.

Sven Erik Skawonius

Worked at Kosta from 1933-1935 and 1944-1950. Most of his designs are signed “Skawonius”, the model number, year of production and “Kosta”.

Tyra Lundgren

Worked at Kosta from 1935-1936. Her designs are usually signed with her initials “TL”, the name of the model, the model number, the year of production and “Kosta”.

Vicke Lindstrand

Worked at Kosta from 1950-1973. As mentioned before, with the arrival of Lindstrand at Kosta, a more uniform way of signing glass was introduced. Pieces designed by Lindstrand are signed in the following way:

LH – Items produced by the glassworks in large quantities, starting with the model number 1001. There are however some unique items with this signature. These have the letter “U” added to the signature.

LU – Unique items by Lindstrand, starting with the number 2001.

LC – “Colora” pieces, starting with the number 1.

LF – Bird figurines starting with the number 1.

LG – Engraved glass, starting with the number 101.

LS – Cut glass, starting with the number 501.

Since about 1950 mass produced pieces are signed with the square-shaped acid stamp “Lindstrand Kosta”

Mona Morales-Schildt

Worked at Kosta from 1958-1970. Most of her designs are signed. However, there is no uniform way of signing that was used. Early pieces were signed “SH” and the model number. Later pieces were signed “Mona Schildt”, “M. Morales” or “Morales”. Sometimes the model or serial number is not mentioned at all.


In the 1986 Kosta Book of Glas, the following coding system is mentioned. This seems to apply to most of the pieces that were made in this period. 

Code / Number Name Category
20162 Admiral Stemware
21101 Ulrica Stemware
21103-08 Ulrica Stemware
21121-22 Ulrica Stemware
21125 Ulrica Stemware
21131-32 Ulrica Stemware
21201 Chateau Stemware
21203-08 Chateau Stemware
21221-22 Chateau Stemware
21225 Chateau Stemware
21231-33 Chateau Stemware
21235 Chateau Stemware
21261 Chateau Stemware
21262 Chateau Stemware
21281 Chateau Stemware
21287-93 Chateau Stemware
21501 Line Stemware
21503 Line Stemware
21505-07 Line Stemware
21521 Line Stemware
21525 Line Stemware
21531 Line Stemware
21533 Line Stemware
21562 Line Stemware
21580 Line Stemware
21581 Line Stemware
21588-91 Line Stemware
21601 Line Black Stemware
21603 Line Black Stemware
21605-07 Line Black Stemware
21621 Line Black Stemware
21625 Line Black Stemware
21633 Line Black Stemware
21687 Line Black Stemware
21701 Line Gold Stemware
21703 Line Gold Stemware
21705-07 Line Gold Stemware
21721 Line Gold Stemware
21725 Line Gold Stemware
21731 Line Gold Stemware
21733 Line Gold Stemware
21780 Line Gold Stemware
21788-91 Line Gold Stemware
21801 Colombine Stemware
21803 Colombine Stemware
21805-07 Colombine Stemware
21821 Colombine Stemware
21825 Colombine Stemware
21842 Colombine Stemware
21862 Colombine Stemware
21880 Colombine Stemware
21903 Misty Stemware
21905 Misty Stemware
21907-08 Misty Stemware
21921 Misty Stemware
21962 Misty Stemware
22125 Captain Stemware
22146 Captain Stemware
22149 Captain Stemware
22150-51 Captain Stemware
22162 Captain Stemware
22181 Captain Stemware
22334-35 Frost Stemware
22348-50 Frost Stemware
22446 Sir Stemware
22449 Sir Stemware
22451 Sir Stemware
22481 Sir Stemware
22501 Karlberg Stemware
22503 Karlberg Stemware
22505-07 Karlberg Stemware
22521 Karlberg Stemware
22523 Karlberg Stemware
22525 Karlberg Stemware
22542 Karlberg Stemware
22603 Djurgårdsbrunn Stemware
22606 Djurgårdsbrunn Stemware
22608 Djurgårdsbrunn Stemware
22621-22 Djurgårdsbrunn Stemware
22625 Djurgårdsbrunn Stemware
22649 Djurgårdsbrunn Stemware
22662-63 Djurgårdsbrunn Stemware
26001 Rondo Stemware
26003 Rondo Stemware
26005-06 Rondo Stemware
26008 Rondo Stemware
26049 Rondo Stemware
26062-63 Rondo Stemware
26081 Rondo Stemware
29001 Prince Stemware
29003-05 Prince Stemware
29007 Prince Stemware
29021 Prince Stemware
29024-25 Prince Stemware
29046 Prince Stemware
29049-52 Prince Stemware
29062 Prince Stemware
29079 Prince Stemware
29203-05 Elvira Madigan Stemware
29207 Elvira Madigan Stemware
29221-25 Elvira Madigan Stemware
29242 Elvira Madigan Stemware
29263 Elvira Madigan Stemware
29801 Pippi Stemware
29805 Pippi Stemware
29821 Pippi Stemware
29825-26 Pippi Stemware
29831 Pippi Stemware
29842 Pippi Stemware
29844 Pippi Stemware
29846 Pippi Stemware
29847 Pippi Stemware
29849-50 Pippi Stemware
29862 Pippi Stemware
29879 Pippi Stemware
29881 Pippi Stemware
44065 Grace Vases
44268-71 Colonna Vases
46245 Pippi Vases
47538-39 Zelda Vases
47595 Zelda Vases
47602 Heart Vases
47613 Heart Vases
47700-03 Flower Vases
47705-06 Flower Vases
47755-56 Royal Vases
47800-02 Raindrop Vases
47833 Royal Vases
47834-36 Antikva Vases
47846-48 Plaza Vases
47850-52 Rosette Vases
47862-64 Network Vases
47865-66 Antikva Vases
47872 Noblesse Vases
47931 Plaza Vases
47959-61 Jenny Vases
47967 Network Vases
48005-07 Atlantic Vases
48008-10 Antikva Vases
48011-12 Network Vases
48013 Pastel Vases
48014-17 Galaxy B. Vases
48018-20 Utopia Vases
48021-23 Palace Vases
48027 Olivia Vases
48070-75 Engraved vases Vases
48136-37 Volcano Vases
48138 Volcano Vases
48139 Volcano Vases
48140 Jenny Vases
48173-77 Wind Pipes Vases
48194-99 Galaxy Red Vases
48214-16 Galaxy Blue Vases
48223 Rainbow Vases
48224 Rainbow Vases
48225-26 Rainbow Vases
48227 Rainbow Vases
48229 Valentine Vases
48232 October Vases
48247-48 Line Vases
48267 Chateau Vases
48268 Chateau Vases
48269-71 Chateau Vases
48278-81 Tornado Vases
48282-84 Poem Vases
48285-86 Tornado Vases
48287-88 Rainbow Vases
48289 Rainbow Vases
48290 Rainbow Vases
48292-93 Mathilda Vases
48301-03 Barclay Vases
48307-08 Grand Vases
48318-19 Flute Vases
48343-45 Zig-Zag Vases
48350 Fragancia Vases
48353 Fragancia Vases
48360-61 Cascade Vases
48378 October Vases
48380-82 Rainbow Vases
48383 Rainbow Vases
48401-03 Astoria Vases
48410-11 Spin Vases
48413-15 Spin Vases
48424-27 Cardinal Vases
48430-31 Cavalcade Vases
48434-39 Minos Vases
48440-41 Laguna Vases
48447-48 Serenade Vases
48458-59 Aveny Vases
48462 November Vases
48464-69 Minos Vases
48471-75 Zebra Vases
48480-82 Duet Vases
48501-03 Rideau Vases
48505-08 Anemonie Vases
48510 Rosette Vases
48512 Rosette Vases
48515-17 Paradise Vases
48530-36 Aphrodite Vases
48558-61 Canasta Vases
48562-68 Cymbal Vases
48569-70 Carmen Vases
48572-73 Carmen Vases
48575-76 Cicero Vases
48578-79 Cicero Vases
48581-82 Cicero Vases
48584-85 Charm Vases
48586-88 Caesar Vases
48589-91 Camera Vases
48601-05 Aqua Vases
48607-11 Aqua Blue Vases
48619-21 Hollywood Vases
48622-24 Hollywood White Vases
48625-27 Impressions Vases
48628-30 Tulip Vases
48636-38 May Vases
52451 Feathers Bowls
56190-91 Prince Bowls
57094 Harebell Bowls
57096 Harebell Bowls
57283 Party Bowls
57284 Party Bowls
57285 Party Bowls
57287 Party Bowls
57288 Party Bowls
57345-46 Party Bowls
57348 Party Bowls
57366 Harlequin Bowls
57538-39 Zelda Bowls
57554-56 Grape Bowls
57595-96 Zelda Bowls
57618-20 Grape Bowls
57706-07 Party Bowls
57756 Royal Bowls
57792-94 Oktav Bowls
57804-05 Party Bowls
57837-39 Rhapsody Bowls
57846-48 Plaza Bowls
57850-52 Lydia Bowls
57862 Network Bowls
57872-73 Noblesse Bowls
57920 Rhapsody Bowls
57968 Monet Bowls
57993-95 Engraved Bowls Bowls
57997-98 Engraved Bowls Bowls
58005-09 Atlantic Bowls
58010 Antikva Bowls
58012 Network Bowls
58013 Pastel Bowls
58014-16 Galaxy Blue Bowls
58027-28 Olivia Bowls
58056-58 Nordic Bowls
58103 Party Bowls
58112 Sweden Bowls
58136-37 Volcano Bowls
58161 Chateau Bowls
58195-96 Galaxy Red Bowls
58214 Galaxy Blue Bowls
58220-22 Poem Bowls
58227-28 Line Bowls
58248-50 Ulla Bowls
58262-63 October Bowls
58267-68 Chateau Bowls
58270 Opus Bowls
58272 Opus Bowls
58279-80 Tornado Bowls
58285-86 Rainbow Bowls
58301-02 Barclay Bowls
58315-16 Party Bowls
58322 Frost Bowls
58350-55 Fragancia Bowls
58360-62 Cascade Bowls
58372 Opus Bowls
58375 October Bowls
58380 Rainbow Bowls
58410 Spin Bowls
58412-13 Spin Bowls
58424 Cardinal Bowls
58425-27 Maxim Bowls
58430-32 Cavalcade Bowls
58434-37 Minos Bowls
58440 Laguna Bowls
58441 Frost Bowls
58451-53 Universe Bowls
58462-63 November Bowls
58464-67 Minos Bowls
58480-81 Duet Bowls
58501-03 Rideau Bowls
58510 Party Bowls
58512-13 Misty Bowls
58515-17 Paradise Bowls
58523-24 Colombine Bowls
58527 Captain Bowls
58530-31 Limelight Bowls
58535-37 Blue Sky Bowls
58551-53 Universe Bowls
58558-61 Canasta Bowls
58562-64 Cymbal Bowls
58565-67 Concorde Bowls
58569-74 Carmen Bowls
58575-83 Cicero Bowls
58584-86 Charm Bowls
58589-90 Camera Bowls
58601-03 BlueSpice Bowls
58619-21 Picnic Bowls
58623-24 Captain Bowls
58625-27 Impressions Bowls
58631 Limelight Bowls
58633-35 Roman Bowls
58636-38 May Bowls
58639 Captain Bowls
60023-25 Spiral Candleholders
66045 Bellis Candleholders
66200-02 Prince Candleholders
67350 Snowball Candleholders
67352-53 Snowball Candleholders
67538 Zelda Candleholders
67541 Zelda Candleholders
67714 Polar Candleholders
67800 Snowball Candleholders
67981-83 Crystal Cube Candleholders
68201 Rose Candleholders
68205-207 Fanfar Candleholders
68305-07 Ultima Candleholders
68310 Galaxy Blue Candleholders
68311 Volcano Candleholders
68312 Rainbow Candleholders
68315-17 Line Candleholders
68321-23 Line Black Candleholders
68330-31 Trumpet Candleholders
68355 Party Candleholders
68404 Empire Candleholders
68406 Solitaire Candleholders
68501-03 Rhombus Candleholders
68504-06 Diagonal Candleholders
68512-14 Regal Candleholders
68515-17 Sapphire Candleholders
68520-22 Frost Candleholders
68525-27 Crystal Fantasy Candleholders
68528 Crystal Fantasy Candleholders
68529 Crystal Fantasy Candleholders
68530-31 Crystal Fantasy Candleholders
68532-33 Crystal Fantasy Candleholders
68535 Crystal Fantasy Candleholders
68538-46 Collage Candleholders
68558 Canasta Candleholders
76154 Prince Plates & Ashtrays
77153-54 Party Plates & Ashtrays
77159-61 Grape Plates & Ashtrays
77283 Party Plates & Ashtrays
77285-86 Party Plates & Ashtrays
77305 Party Plates & Ashtrays
77760 Grape Plates & Ashtrays
77805-06 Grape Plates & Ashtrays
77808-09 Lydia Plates & Ashtrays
77900 Oval Plates & Ashtrays
77965 Seafood Plates & Ashtrays
77980-81 Crystal Cube Plates & Ashtrays
78013 Pastel Plates & Ashtrays
78101-02 Party Plates & Ashtrays
78103 Party Plates & Ashtrays
78248-50 Ulla Plates & Ashtrays
78315 Party Plates & Ashtrays
78320 Frost Plates & Ashtrays
78321 Frost Plates & Ashtrays
78322 Frost Plates & Ashtrays
78360 Cascade Plates & Ashtrays
78401-02 Club Plates & Ashtrays
78405-06 Picnic Plates & Ashtrays
78418-19 Cross Plates & Ashtrays
78425-27 Maxim Plates & Ashtrays
78428 Maxim Plates & Ashtrays
78429 Maxim Plates & Ashtrays
78430-31 Maxim Plates & Ashtrays
78435 Maxim Plates & Ashtrays
78436-37 Maxim Plates & Ashtrays
78451-52 Ulla Plates & Ashtrays
78453 Ulla Plates & Ashtrays
78454 Ulla Plates & Ashtrays
78504 Picnic Plates & Ashtrays
78510 Party Plates & Ashtrays
78511-15 Party Marina Plates & Ashtrays
78526 Maxim Plates & Ashtrays
78530-33 Limelight Plates & Ashtrays
78535-37 Blue Sky Plates & Ashtrays
78538-40 Tempera Plates & Ashtrays
78542-44 Puzzel Plates & Ashtrays
78558-60 Canasta Plates & Ashtrays
78561-62 Cymbal Plates & Ashtrays
78565-66 Cassius Plates & Ashtrays
78633-34 Limelight Plates & Ashtrays
86200 Prince Decanters
86207 Prince Decanters
86397 Pippi Decanters
85399 Pippi Decanters
87793 Oktav Decanters
87794 Oktav Decanters
88013 Pastel Decanters
88108-09 Optic Decanters
88227 Line Decanters
88320-22 Frost Decanters
88325 Rainbow Decanters
88401 Sir Decanters
88416 President Decanters
88427 Chateau Decanters
88501 Chess Decanters
88508 Noble Decanters
88514 Blanc Decanters
88515 Rosé Decanters
88516 Rouge Decanters
88517 You & Me Decanters
88521 Frost Decanters
88527 Captain Decanters
88601-02 Hollywood White Decanters
88603 Blue Spice Decanters
90001 Iceberg Miscellaneous
90006 Iceberg Miscellaneous
90011-13 Iceberg Miscellaneous
90016 Iceberg Miscellaneous
90019 Iceberg Miscellaneous
90042 Iceberg Miscellaneous
90078 Iceberg Miscellaneous
90088 Karlberg Miscellaneous
91855-56 Perfume Bottles Miscellaneous
92394 Dalecarlia Miscellaneous
92407 Jonah Miscellaneous
92412 Prism Miscellaneous
92415 Prism Miscellaneous
92470 Jonah Miscellaneous
92507-08 Irish Coffee Miscellaneous
92552 Irish Coffee Miscellaneous
93153 Iceberg Miscellaneous
93155 Iceberg Miscellaneous
93190 Iceberg Miscellaneous
94199 Bouquet Miscellaneous
94206-07 Bouquet Miscellaneous
94210 Bouquet Miscellaneous
94217-18 Bouquet Miscellaneous
95729 Zoo Miscellaneous
96366 Dalecarlia Miscellaneous
96880 Jonah Miscellaneous
97101 Window Ornament Miscellaneous
97105 Prism Miscellaneous
97111 Window Ornament Miscellaneous
97124 Sunflower Miscellaneous
97217-29 Sunflower Miscellaneous
97159-61 Grape Miscellaneous
97183 Zoo Miscellaneous
97257 Prism Miscellaneous
97283 Party Miscellaneous
97289 Party Miscellaneous
97349 Party Miscellaneous
97482 Christmas Ornament Miscellaneous
97502 Window Ornament Miscellaneous
97505-06 Party Miscellaneous
97554 Grape Miscellaneous
97664 Christmas Ornament Miscellaneous
97676 Iceberg Miscellaneous
97690-95 Christmas Ornament Miscellaneous
97745-46 Christmas Ornament Miscellaneous
97768-70 Christmas Ornament Miscellaneous
97793 Oktav Miscellaneous
97803-04 Mushroom Lamp Miscellaneous
97809 Mushroom Lamp Miscellaneous
97825 Oktav Miscellaneous
97827-28 Oktav Miscellaneous
97844-46 Window Ornament Miscellaneous
97856-68 Christmas Ornament Miscellaneous
97915 Mushroom Lamp Miscellaneous
97922-24 Oktav Miscellaneous
97939 Sails Miscellaneous
97947 Mushroom Lamp Miscellaneous
97981 Crystal Cube Miscellaneous
98001-03 Sails Miscellaneous
98008 Oktav Miscellaneous
98014 Galaxy Blue Miscellaneous
98023 Mushroom Lamp Miscellaneous
98029 Jonah Miscellaneous
98044 Zoo Miscellaneous
98045-46 Window Ornament Miscellaneous
98048 Window Ornament Miscellaneous
98106-09 Window Ornament Miscellaneous
98166 Galaxy Lamp Miscellaneous
98168 Galaxy Lamp Miscellaneous
98170 Galaxy Lamp Miscellaneous
98172 Volcano Lamp Miscellaneous
98181 Lamp Shade Miscellaneous
98205 Line Green Miscellaneous
98271-72 Window Ornament Miscellaneous
98310-11 Perfume Bottles Miscellaneous
98320 Frost Miscellaneous
98322 Frost Miscellaneous
98324 Frost Miscellaneous
98329 Rainbow Miscellaneous
98330-32 Rainbow Miscellaneous
98415-16 President Miscellaneous
98420 Sir Miscellaneous
98425 Maxim Miscellaneous
98510 Party Miscellaneous
98515-16 Paradise Miscellaneous
98517-19 You & Me Miscellaneous
98525-27 Crystal Fantasy Miscellaneous
98528 Crystal Fantasy Miscellaneous
98535 Crystal Fantasy Miscellaneous
98536-38 Crystal Fantasy Miscellaneous
98540-42 Crystal Fantasy Miscellaneous
98545-46 Crystal Fantasy Miscellaneous
98547 Crystal Fantasy Miscellaneous
98549 Crystal Fantasy Miscellaneous
98550 Crystal Fantasy Miscellaneous
98551 Crystal Fantasy Miscellaneous
98552 Crystal Fantasy Miscellaneous
98555-63 Mythos Miscellaneous
98565-73 Mythos Miscellaneous
98580-81 Contra Miscellaneous
98583-89 Charade Miscellaneous
98603-05 Focus Miscellaneous
98609 Blue Spice Miscellaneous
98650-61 Focus Miscellaneous
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