Strombergshyttan was founded in 1876, and was called the Lindfors glassworks until its changed its name in 1933. The name changed from Lindfors to Strombergshyttan when Edward Stromberg, who was the former head from Orrefors, leased the company in 1933. Together with his son Eric, he devised a way to produce a glass that had a bluish-silver hue, which became characteristic for Strombergshyttan. His son Eric bought the company from its owner Axel Traff and his wife in 1945 for 40,000 Swedish Crowns. Immediately after purchasing the mill, they invested heavily in the mill to modernize it. The Stromberg family further upgraded the mill in 1960. (We would like to thank Nils Bergqvist for this information)

Gerda and Asta Stromberg designed most of the glass. The company remained in the Stromberg family until 1976, when it was sold to Orrefors. There had been a severe fire in 1973 which had left the glassworks in financial difficulties. Orrefors closed the Strombergshyttan glassworks in 1979. Gunnar Nylund and Rune Strand were two designers that also worked for Strombergshyttan. Most of the glass of Strombergshyttan is signed with either Strombergshyttan or Stromberg, as well as a production code. The name of the designer is never mentioned on the glass. 

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